Washington District Elementary School

Photo Album

Students enjoying a parent involvement activity in first grade.
First graders enjoying an activity with their parents.
Word Catchers are students who learn a new word.  These are some of the students and the words they learned.
Students enjoly seeing the fire truck and fire fighters
Pumpkin Drop
Pumpkin drop off of Washington Elementary
Pumpkin Drop at WDES
Mr. Kelley and Ms. Mason on the roof preparing for the pumpkin drop
Pumpkin drop off of the roof of WDES
Students and teachers enjoy the Halloween Pumpkin Drop
Halloween activities in 2nd Grade
Making slime for the Halloween celebrations
Halloween celebration fun
Halloween activities at WDES
Fire safety activity
Students enjoy seeing a local fire truck
Fire Safety activities at WDES
Students learn about fire safety
Teachers preparing for the pumpkin drop
Local fire department visits Washington District Elementary
Mrs. Bennett is riding the wave of kindness.
We were getting crazy with kindness in our crazy clothes and hair styles!
Red Ribbon Week Representatives Kyrianna Kimble and Easton Perkins visit a county Commission Meeting and a visit with the mayor.